Why the DA?

Why the DA?

Please see https://www.da.org.za

The Democratic Alliance DA is the most diverse and dynamic party in South Africa. They are the only party to have grown in every election since 1994. But, more importantly, They are the only party with a credible, proven plan to create real jobs.

Where they govern, they have delivered the country’s best performance scores in education, health, service delivery and clean governance. Everything they do is underpinned by one goal: to fight poverty and create jobs by growing the economy.

Find out why more than one in four South Africans are choosing the DA as their political home.

What is their Vision?

Imagine a society in which even a child born into the most desperate poverty can become a brain surgeon, a concert pianist or a sports hero.

Our dream for South Africa is of One Nation with One Future built on Freedom, Fairness and Opportunity for All. This is the dream of a nation in which every person is free, secure and equal, where everyone has the opportunity to improve the quality of their life and pursue their dreams. A society in which every language and culture has equal respect and recognition.

This is the dream the DA will deliver – the South African dream of One Nation, with One Future, living together under the constitution in peace, security and prosperity, with opportunity and recognition for all the rainbow people.

Please also read the Policies and Principles of the DA here:

The motto on the coat of arms of South Africa is:
!ke e: /xarra //ke, written in the Khoisan language of the /Xam people, literally meaning “diverse people unite”

The DA functions under this motto.

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Amazon has something for everyone available on Kindle really.

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Poor State of Education

Poor State of Education

The poor state of education in South Africa is threatening to shock my heart to a standstill.

After the ANC government started off so brilliantly in 1994 one had high hopes that they would really do something about the education in South Africa. It started off well but then Zuma and his cadre deployments hit us.

Now we sit with images like the above where classes are happening in the open air! Shocking! Surely after 22 years and the billions of Rands we spent on education everybody should at least have a proper classroom by now? But no! Where did the money go?

We further sit with situations as was reported in BusinessDay where it seems that Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga is saying she was pleased with the results on an international Maths and Science study.

The minister is not reporting the fact that Grade 9 and grade 5 pupils came second last in maths, while grade 9s were at the bottom of the pile in science, trailing other African countries such as Botswana and Morocco! After we sent a grade higher pupils to be tested!

“These scores are below the TIMSS “low” benchmark score of 400. This means pupils’ grasp of even simple concepts such as graphs and whole numbers is weak and they struggle to apply their knowledge.”

“learners at no-fee schools performing particularly badly.”

That our education is in a shocking state is very clear from this article.

“The DA’s shadow education minister Gavin Davis said South Africa’s results were very disappointing.”

“Taking our education system back from SADTU is the first step towards changing things for the better for local school students,” he said. SADTU = South African Democratic Teachers Union

It should be a matter of urgency for every single South African that the basic education system in South Africa should be fixed and it should be fixed fast.

The current situation – given the amounts of taxpayers money that we are pouring into education and the horrible results we are getting out of it is horrible to say the least. We do not get schools and the learners clearly don’t know the basic concepts of what they are supposed to learn!

Of course it all starts right at the top with Zuma, then the minister, neither of which it seems understanding the urgency or the importance of properly teaching our children!

My goodness South Africa!

Let us make it our business and our priority this 2017 to ensure that ALL out children start getting a proper education in their mother tongue!

PLEASE! Get involved in Education for all. Partners for Possibility is a great example of an organization working to improve education for our children.

The future of South Africa depends on it!


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

We want to wish you and yours a Very Merry Christmas and a Safe Holiday Season.

This is the time to spend with Family and love and appreciate everything we have. Embrace our Loved Ones.

May we all share this kind of love:
Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres

This is the kind of love I wish all of us in South Africa can have for one another. And I know we can. Because there is a tremendous amount of goodwill between the people of South Africa.

If you read my article on The Train to see the goodwill that I experienced among the people of South Africa even as a young boy.

I am experiencing the same in the workplace every day today.

We are a great people

We can

Afrikaans onder druk

Afrikaans onder druk

Dit lyk asof Afrikaans in Suid-Afrika meer onderdruk is as in die res van die wêreld! Kyk hoe goed gaan dit daar: Australië


“Afrikaans, Afrikaans, oral Afrikaans . . . in Australië en Amerika, in Nieu-Seeland, in Nederland, Japan, China en Singapoer. Selfs in die Verenigde Koninkryk en die Emirate – ons moedertaal word oral oor gehoor! Dink net hoe opgewonde CP Hoogenhout sou wees as hy kon beleef hoe sterk ons pragtige taal deesdae staan. In 1941 het hy sy kommer oor die voortbestaan van Afrikaans in die baie bekende gedig “Engels! Engels! Alles Engels! Engels wat jy sien en hoor; in ons skole, in ons kerke, word on moedertaal vermoor”, uitgespreek. Vandag, byna 75 jaar nadat CP Hoogenhout so mismoedig oor die bedreiging van Afrikaans gevoel het, word feeste ter viering van ons hartstaal wêreldwyd gehou!”

Maar in Suid-Afrika…

Hier het die hof die afgelope week besluit dat Tukkies, van alle universiteite, se voertaal van  volgende jaar af Engels sal wees! Bid jou dit aan! Tukkies! Engels!

Met ‘n gebroke hart het ek die nuus aangehoor.

Van “Die Universiteit van Pretoria” in 1889 het ons nou gevorder na “The university of Pretoria” in 2017?

Asseblief NEE! Waar moet die kinders van die derde grootste huistaal in Suid-Afrika nou Universiteit toe gaan?

Die regering het tog ’n verpligting om te sorg dat ons kinders in hulle moedertaal opgevoed word? Is Afrikaans dan nie die derde grootste huistaal in Suid-Afrika nie? Waarom word dit dan op universiteitsvlak so afgeskeep?

Die grondwet plaas ’n verpligting op die regering om geensins enige amptelike taal te benadeel nie en hier sien ons dat Afrikaans erg benadeel word. Fasiliteite wat vir Afrikaanse kinders beskikbaar was, word weggeneem. Dit is onregverdig en en ongrondwetlik. Dit mag nie gebeur nie.

Ja, daar is duisende kinders wat nie-Afrikaans is nie. Wat van hulle? Ons moet vir hulle voorsiening maak, ja, maar nie ten koste van die Afrikaanse kinders nie. Nie deur fasiliteite weg te neem wat reeds bestaan nie. Dit mag nie. Dit moet gedoen word deur nuwe fasiliteite te skep – sekerlik?
Al wat ek vra is: hoeveel Afrikaanse universiteite is daar oor in Suid-Afrika? En dit vir die derde grootste huistaal?

Hoeveel Universiteite is daar in Suid-Afrika vir die ander inheemse huistale? Hoeveel? Ek het geen probleem daarmee dat ’n Afrikaanse universiteit plek maak vir ’n universiteit van ’n ander inheemse taal nie! Maar vir gebroke Engels?

Daar is natuurlik weer ’n klein ligpunt voor in die wapad 🙂 al is dit nie heeltemal regverdig nie!
Ons begin dan maar net ons eie Afrikaanse privaat universiteite! Al wil die regering nie daarvoor betaal nie! Daar is natuurlik nou ’n alternatief vir Afrikaanse studente en dit is Akademia. Kyk by http://akademia.ac.za/

Ek sien hulle het beurse beskikbaar met aansoeke wat sluit op 15 Januarie 2017 probeer gerus.

Ons Afrikaanse mense moet dan maar ons geldelike steun aan die Akademia universiteit gee en sodoende sorg dat ons Afrikaanse kinders steeds in Afrikaans opgevoed sal kan word.

Geniet dit

SABC Grilled in Parliament

SABC Grilled in Parliament

I received an email from Daily Maverick the wording of which was so clever I thought I could do no better so here it is:

SABC officially loses the plot

The Parliament’s ad hoc committee inquiry into the SABC has revealed all manner of blame-shifting shenanigans in the state broadcaster. Minister of Communications Faith Muthambi furiously dodged questions relating to the inexplicable rise of Hlaudi Motsoeneng, all the while as the SABC itself revealed a web of infighting, ineptitude and, well, incompetence.

Very sad, but well said, don’t you think?

You can follow the full, well written article about the sad lot at the SABC and the great work Parliament did here:

“You turned a blind eye when the SABC 8 were dismissed. You did not lift a finger. You turned a blind eye when SABC money was being used to prop up the Guptas, you turned a blind eye when State Security agents came into the SABC and infringed the rights of employees,” furious DA committee member Phumzile van Damme exclaimed.

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The Train

The Train

The friendliest impression the South African people made on my young mind was when I was travelling by train to the University of Stellenbosch as a student of 18.

Everywhere along the rail the train went there were people, young and old, always smiling widely always waving at the people on the train!

And the people on the train always enthusiastically smiling and waving back!

This is the South Africa I know.

A smiling, waving always friendly people.

All the way from Pretoria to Stellenbosch, nearly a thousand five hundred kilometers!

A beautiful friendly experience.

Today is day of reconciliation.

Here is to hoping that the train of all those years back will drive the smiles of all those years back and will reconcile South Africa into the one beautiful nation that we are.

The motto ǃke e: ǀxarra ǁke is written in the Khoisan language of the ǀXam people and translates literally to “diverse people unite”

Have Fun