Why the DA?

Why the DA?

Please see https://www.da.org.za

The Democratic Alliance DA is the most diverse and dynamic party in South Africa. They are the only party to have grown in every election since 1994. But, more importantly, They are the only party with a credible, proven plan to create real jobs.

Where they govern, they have delivered the country’s best performance scores in education, health, service delivery and clean governance. Everything they do is underpinned by one goal: to fight poverty and create jobs by growing the economy.

Find out why more than one in four South Africans are choosing the DA as their political home.

What is their Vision?

Imagine a society in which even a child born into the most desperate poverty can become a brain surgeon, a concert pianist or a sports hero.

Our dream for South Africa is of One Nation with One Future built on Freedom, Fairness and Opportunity for All. This is the dream of a nation in which every person is free, secure and equal, where everyone has the opportunity to improve the quality of their life and pursue their dreams. A society in which every language and culture has equal respect and recognition.

This is the dream the DA will deliver – the South African dream of One Nation, with One Future, living together under the constitution in peace, security and prosperity, with opportunity and recognition for all the rainbow people.

Please also read the Policies and Principles of the DA here:

The motto on the coat of arms of South Africa is:
!ke e: /xarra //ke, written in the Khoisan language of the /Xam people, literally meaning “diverse people unite”

The DA functions under this motto.

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Poor State of Education

Poor State of Education

The poor state of education in South Africa is threatening to shock my heart to a standstill.

After the ANC government started off so brilliantly in 1994 one had high hopes that they would really do something about the education in South Africa. It started off well but then Zuma and his cadre deployments hit us.

Now we sit with images like the above where classes are happening in the open air! Shocking! Surely after 22 years and the billions of Rands we spent on education everybody should at least have a proper classroom by now? But no! Where did the money go?

We further sit with situations as was reported in BusinessDay where it seems that Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga is saying she was pleased with the results on an international Maths and Science study.

The minister is not reporting the fact that Grade 9 and grade 5 pupils came second last in maths, while grade 9s were at the bottom of the pile in science, trailing other African countries such as Botswana and Morocco! After we sent a grade higher pupils to be tested!

“These scores are below the TIMSS “low” benchmark score of 400. This means pupils’ grasp of even simple concepts such as graphs and whole numbers is weak and they struggle to apply their knowledge.”

“learners at no-fee schools performing particularly badly.”

That our education is in a shocking state is very clear from this article.

“The DA’s shadow education minister Gavin Davis said South Africa’s results were very disappointing.”

“Taking our education system back from SADTU is the first step towards changing things for the better for local school students,” he said. SADTU = South African Democratic Teachers Union

It should be a matter of urgency for every single South African that the basic education system in South Africa should be fixed and it should be fixed fast.

The current situation – given the amounts of taxpayers money that we are pouring into education and the horrible results we are getting out of it is horrible to say the least. We do not get schools and the learners clearly don’t know the basic concepts of what they are supposed to learn!

Of course it all starts right at the top with Zuma, then the minister, neither of which it seems understanding the urgency or the importance of properly teaching our children!

My goodness South Africa!

Let us make it our business and our priority this 2017 to ensure that ALL out children start getting a proper education in their mother tongue!

PLEASE! Get involved in Education for all. Partners for Possibility is a great example of an organization working to improve education for our children.

The future of South Africa depends on it!


About LootGous.com

This is my personal website where I express my personal views.

Some of these are most shocking and all of them are my own and does not belong to any political party or company. So you cannot blame anybody else for them but me.

The idea for this started one day when I listened to the honorable President Jacob Zuma talking over TV in Parliament about his Nkandla homestead. What he said in Parliament that day was later in court proved to be totally false. I felt betrayed by my own President. My heart was bitterly sore.

One thing about me. If you lie to me, you hurt me deeply. So don’t.

That lie by my president hurt me deeply and personally. And I decided that I can no longer sit still. I have to talk about this lie. About a President who betrayed his people by telling them a lie in Parliament. And that was how the idea of this website was born.

I wondered what should I tell my people?


There is but one solution to this all and that is Love. Unfortunately the English language confuses love with sex. I am not talking about sex. I am talking about Love. The Love between people who resolves the problems of this world.

This is the only solution that I could think of to talk about that would solve the problems of South Africa.

I started looking for a Political Party that could solve this problem for me.

The only one I could find that was close to the mark was the DA – the Democratic Alliance. Read more about them here: https://www.da.org.za/

This is one party that truly did work from a viewpoint of Love. There are no race hatred just hard work to make South Africa a better place for all its people! I found a home!

And so this website was born: a President who hurt me deeply and a party that greatly inspired me!

Lets have fun! 🙂