Free Kindle Reading App

Simply amazing! More than a million books in the palm of your hand!

WOW is all I can say!

This is most definitely the way of the future.

Around every corner you see a kid walking with a phone in hand. And you get cross, what a waste of time!

But wait, this kid is busy reading a work of Shakespeare on his Kindle app!

WHAT? REALLY? Yes, really!

Today it is possible, thanks to a free Kindle reading app from Amazon to read more than a million books on your smartphone, tablet or computer! Goodness.

Schools don’t need libraries, or do they? You download a free kindle app on a tablet, You download a free (or maybe not) e-book and the child has the book in his hands to read as he desire, when he desire, where he desire as often as he desire!

You can make fonts larger and smaller to fit the eyes of young and old. It keeps the last page where you were reading for you!

Of course, as with anything, there are drawbacks too. You cannot read in the rain! But even books don’t like that too much.

The cost? The reading app is for free! Cannot get cheaper than that! And it runs on your current smartphone, tablet or PC. Can’t get cheaper than that either!

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  1. Just click on the link above
  2. download your fee app
  3. download as many free books as you wish or
  4. buy a book if you feel like it 🙂

Comparing the book of Helen Zille Not Without A Fight – The Autobiography at Loot (wish it was me – see the link on this page) you can get it at time of writing for R250 and on Kindle store for $13.67 that is about R189 So you can save a cool R60 by downloading the free Kindle reader and buying the electronic version of the book.

Interestingly enough, once you downloaded it, you can read it on your PC, continue reading on holiday on your phone, and then continue where you left off on your PC at home again. Kindle reader keeps track of where you are! Golly me, amazing.


Amazon has something for everyone available on Kindle really.

Languages from Afrikaans, English to Zulu and many more.

Light reading to heavy subject literature.

Books to even periodicals and newspapers.

Free books and very expensive books.

Professional writers and amateurs – all are there.

Poor State of Education

Poor State of Education

The poor state of education in South Africa is threatening to shock my heart to a standstill.

After the ANC government started off so brilliantly in 1994 one had high hopes that they would really do something about the education in South Africa. It started off well but then Zuma and his cadre deployments hit us.

Now we sit with images like the above where classes are happening in the open air! Shocking! Surely after 22 years and the billions of Rands we spent on education everybody should at least have a proper classroom by now? But no! Where did the money go?

We further sit with situations as was reported in BusinessDay where it seems that Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga is saying she was pleased with the results on an international Maths and Science study.

The minister is not reporting the fact that Grade 9 and grade 5 pupils came second last in maths, while grade 9s were at the bottom of the pile in science, trailing other African countries such as Botswana and Morocco! After we sent a grade higher pupils to be tested!

“These scores are below the TIMSS “low” benchmark score of 400. This means pupils’ grasp of even simple concepts such as graphs and whole numbers is weak and they struggle to apply their knowledge.”

“learners at no-fee schools performing particularly badly.”

That our education is in a shocking state is very clear from this article.

“The DA’s shadow education minister Gavin Davis said South Africa’s results were very disappointing.”

“Taking our education system back from SADTU is the first step towards changing things for the better for local school students,” he said. SADTU = South African Democratic Teachers Union

It should be a matter of urgency for every single South African that the basic education system in South Africa should be fixed and it should be fixed fast.

The current situation – given the amounts of taxpayers money that we are pouring into education and the horrible results we are getting out of it is horrible to say the least. We do not get schools and the learners clearly don’t know the basic concepts of what they are supposed to learn!

Of course it all starts right at the top with Zuma, then the minister, neither of which it seems understanding the urgency or the importance of properly teaching our children!

My goodness South Africa!

Let us make it our business and our priority this 2017 to ensure that ALL out children start getting a proper education in their mother tongue!

PLEASE! Get involved in Education for all. Partners for Possibility is a great example of an organization working to improve education for our children.

The future of South Africa depends on it!